Friday, 11 November 2016

What are the Benefits of Removable Bollards?

Bollards are available in many varieties in the market - such as fixed or permanent, retractable, custom, automatic, mining, parking or removable. However, removable bollards Brisbane happen to be the best as well as the most functional variety. Find out about some of the primary benefits of these bollards and why these are more being used for promotional purposes presently. 

Easily Removable

You can move these easily from one spot to another, which is best for temporary access occasions and emergencies. In the spots where vehicles cannot be allowed otherwise, these can be used to create emergency entrances. These can also be used for expanding spaces. Despite being removable in form, these cannot be removed easily by anyone. With custom designs, such kinds of bollards prevent unauthorised removal or transfer. Just authorised personnel can access the special type of tamper proof key system.

Temporary Solutions

Removable bollards Brisbane are ideal as temporary solutions for temporary situations or short-term events. You can easily set these up during a sports event, a rally or parade to block people off without spending a lot of money. By setting up bollards temporarily, you can change the layout of any type of open space to make adjustments for a specific situation. Once the occasion is over, you can detach them easily and restore the space to its old layout.

Lower Initial Costs

Although bollards are convenient to set up and remove, these come with reduced initial costs as compared to permanent bollards. However, you can create bollards heavier than standard ones, when you have to set these up in crash-prone sites. Removable bollards can be of two types – either sub-surface mounted or surface mounted. Sub-surface mounted bollards come with a ground or sleeve socket while surface mounted ones are locked up on concrete surfaces.

More Durable

Between sub-surface mounted and surface mounted bollards, the former one comes with ground socket while the latter one can be locked over concrete surfaces. Bollards made of steel are more long lasting than those made of any other kind of material. When steel bollards are used in parking areas, they make the area aesthetic and more valuable. The majority of parking bollards are available in black and yellow coloured combinations. They can be dome topped or even flat. These can also be maintained with minimal hassles. The bollards can last for a very long period.


With high quality steel bollards Brisbane, which cannot be removed easily, you can also ensure security in an area. You can cordon off an area and yet give it a modern look. Irrespective of the type of bollard that you buy, whether surface mounted or sub-surface mounted, you should ensure that they come from a high quality manufacturer. 

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